IL PUNTO Real Estate Advisor srl 

Managing Director Elena Delsignore
Via Lanzone 7
20123 – Milano
ph. + 39 02 45494253
fax: +39 02 8057446

Il Punto Real Estate Advisor


IL PUNTO was incorporated in 1981 as a captive brokerage company for a real estate development group active inItaly, Switzerland and the USA.

IL PUNTO Real Estate Advisor was founded in 2007 to provide integrated real estate services using highly qualified professionals – accountants, architects, lawyers, brokers and engineers – as well as experts in the hotel and retail chain development fields.

IL PUNTO believes in continuing education and therefore its professionals frequently follow top-up courses.

IL PUNTO is active in events and conferences, in publications for the sector in collaboration with national and international organisations and in offering expertise to the real estate market in general.

The result is a team of people able to provide clients with the most innovative solutions.

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