Weyermann Immobilien AG

Tavelweg 2
3074 Muri/Bern



Telephone +41 (0)31 721 21 21
Mobile +41 (0)79 822 24 84
Fax +41 (0)31 721 21 56


Thanks to our size, we are able to offer maximum flexibility and transparency in all aspects of property trustee services. Our service is personal, client-oriented, flexible, clearly understandable and is always based on mutual confidence.

We have been working with our clients for more than thirty years and we make every effort to ensure the success of their individual plans.

Our Philosophy

“The most important bases for satisfying the wishes of clients and implementing their real estate projects are mutual confidence and professional know-how.”


Our success is based on the confidence of our clients. Regular personal contact and a high level of technical and interpersonal skills ensure a successful dialogue. At the same time, conscientiousness and independence provide a solid foundation for constructive, long-term, successful partnership. Throughout the cooperation between us under our mandate, the client is kept continuously and transparently informed and is notified of every step we take. The foundation for this cooperation is a reporting system designed with transparency in mind.

The properties entrusted to us for sale are sold only in individual consultation. We do not show the properties ourselves but sell them through highly trained multilingual specialists in accordance with our instructions. Interested parties receive precise, detailed and competent information.

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